I love learning and experimenting with computers. This site is my learning area to keep track of what I learn about HTML. Writing this site in HTML this will continue to get better as I learn more.

The tools I'm using for this site are as follows:

NotePad++ is a wonderful and light editor. It's an opensource project, so not only is it free but you can get the source code to learn from or even change it to fit your needs. There is a thriving community that is creating plug ins. You can contribute either in donations, or help out in adding to the community in any way you can. Notepad++ is Windows only, if you know of a editor on Mac or Linux, drop me a note and I'll add a link to the tools section.

For a more full featured experience, Visual Studio Express (VSE)has a lot of automated abilities and Intellsense. Once you get used to having the tools do a lot of little things for you, you'll get hooked. VSE also makes coping to the websites easy. There are tons of tools, plugins and addins that can speed up creation very nicely.

Testing is extremely important. I'm running Windows 8, and have installed the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. My next step will be to view these on a mobile device and see how they fair.

All of these browsers have developer tools built in. With the developer tools I can see errors in my HTML Tags. Most of the time the page looked to me just fine. But the browsers pointed out little issues. Some of these issues were mismatched tags or even typos in the JavaScript or HTML. Every major Browser has a complete set of Developer tools that you can use. Learn how to use them. Those tools will keep you from spending hours trying to figure out why the format is off.

Thanks out to VisualPharm for the icons used as the Windows Tile.

By Russ Eby