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Creating websites takes a lot of information. From the training materials to get you started. To the reference charts to look up the number for that special color. All the way to the testing tools to figure out what went wrong. I'm going to to to build a solid reference to the best of the best.

On the right I'm going to keep a current list of some of the books I use in my studies. The black programming windows book is free!

Training Courses


YouTube isn't just about cats. Some very talented people have spent hours creating training videos and have placed them for free on Youtube. While these may not have the scope of some of the paid video training. These videos can give the beginner hundreds of hours of trainning without spending a dime.

Quentin Watt has put together dozens of fine videos that will step any beginner through the steps of creating there first website.

Bucky Roberts has created hundreds of videos. They cover a very wide range of videos. Even how to brew beer. The New Boston is his home away from YouTube and also contains a very active forum group to ask questions and get other reference materials.

Premium Video Courses

While these Premium courses may seem like a lot of money, most of them go way beyond the Courses listed in the free section. They also are able to attract some big names in the development community. Each of these have free content that can show you how the training is done. I suggest following them on Twitter, or getting on their mailing lists. Every once in a while, one of the premium services will have a free weekend, or a holiday special.



Code School


Reference Sites


Creative Commons has a large selection of imagines that can be used royality free. Note: The Creative Commons webSite tries to verify that all imagines use a Creative Commons Licenses, please continue to verify. The website does give a good explanation of what the licenses have. In other words, always read the fine print. And in all cases browser their paid content and support these great people. Without paying customers they wouldn't be able to give away any free content.

VisualPharm has an interesting business plan. On Icons8 you can get their icons for promising to put a link in your project to their site. If the link won't work has plenty of options to pay for the icons and even some other graphical services you can hire them to do.

IconArchive has a large selection of icons. The icons are created and owned by a varity of people, so check for restrictions since they may be different for each icon file.

Placeholder images are used when the real image hasn't become available yet: Kittens, Grey Block, (Large Seleciton of stuff)

With so much of what is shown being on the internet, the loading times can take time. Loading GIFs let the user know that something is waiting. But how to build one? Try these following sites out and find a GIF that fits your site.

  • is a free website that lets you make a Loading GIF with lots of options.
  • AjafLoad.Infois another free website that also gives you lots of options.

Geek Champ has icons available for free! Use their Icon Explorer to find and download some great images./p>

Internet Explorer Guide for Developers

MSDN has a great post on getting your website to work smoothly with IE 10.

MSDN has a great post on getting your website to work smoothly with IE 9.

Microsoft put together a site for testing and information concerning IE at modern.IE

Build your own icon for pinning at

Can I Use....

Can I Use... is a good site to search for HTML5 and CSS3 features and elements and see how many browsers support it.

Social Networks allows for easy creation of buttons for a solid collection of social media tasks.

Testing Tools

Browser built in tools

All browsers now come with built in developer tools that should starting point for any web developer. Explore the tools and learn the make the most out of them.

Code School has a great free course on using the Developer tools built into Chrome.

Validation Services

W3C has a Markup Validation Service which can check and give suggestions by URI, File Upload or be direct input.


Basic Editors

While all operatoring systems come with basic text editors, it's best to use an editor that is designed to work with different programming languages. For Example, Development editors can color code the code so you can easily see comments and keywords. The editors also can allow you to collapse a section of code to make working on long documents easier by hiding sections that you have finished working on.

NotePad++ (Free)

Komodo Edit (Free)


Komodo also has a full IDE program available Komodo IDE

By Russ Eby